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Now I'm Pregnant!

Women in general are now more health and fitness conscious than ever before. Many of us follow an intense exercise programme and enjoy all the benefits that this brings i.e. clear skin, increased energy and a feeling of emotional well being.

What happens then when you become pregnant?
Do you stop exercising altogether, just to be safe?
Do you adapt your own routine yourself?

Or do you search for a suitable alternative in an antenatal programme?
And to whom do you go to for this advice?

Many women believe that changes to their body during pregnancy can inhibit their ability to exercise safely.

It is true that there are many physiological changes a mother goes through whilst she is pregnant, however as long as you listen to your body, take head of the advice given to you by your instructor and develop no pregnancy complications, there is no evidence to suggest that you should stop exercising.

Remember though, always check with your Midwife or GP before starting any exercise programme whilst pregnant!

Antenatal Yoga Exercises  and Hypnobirthing Techniques relax, tone and prepare your mind and body for a beautiful birth!