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Pregnancy Massage

Take Time Out to Pamper Yourself

Although pregnancy is the most wonderful experience for most women, it can bring with it a variety of side effects for others, some less pleasant than others. All pregnant women can expect to experience at least a little stiffness and muscular tension during their pregnancy as their uterus expands to accommodate their growing baby. 
Fortunately there is a simple and effective way to not only treat some of the side effects of pregnancy but also to leave you feeling calm,pampered and relaxed. Massage therapy during pregnancy can often relieve many of the common side effects of pregnancy too, whether you suffer from backaches, headaches, oedema or other pregnancy related problems.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage
  • Massage can help relieve back pain associated with muscular tension. 
  • Antenatal massage helps relieve oedema or swelling by stimulating circulation throughout the body.
  • Leg massage can help reduce leg cramps and swelling in the legs.
  • Massage is very beneficial for relaxing anxiety during pregnancy.
  • Massage can help promote more restful sleep and help prevent pregnancy related insomnia.

To book your Antenatal Massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home, contact Caron on 0787 255 7728 or email caron@yummyyogamummies.co.uk

Evenings and weekends available to suit your needs
Pregnancy massage costs £45 per hour.

Antenatal Yoga Exercises  and Hypnobirthing Techniques relax, tone and prepare your mind and body for a beautiful birth!